The Wildflower Society Club

     This site was created by Chris Matherly, founder of, for many reasons. First, to unite Wildflower Growers, Lovers and Admirers from across the Planet! Members will be able to trade their own local wildflowers with each other! For example, someone in Oregon can trade someone in Indiana their own local species of Trillium! Another reason, is to announce Wildflower Rescue locations, areas of construction or Development that threaten native species, we will hold rescue days to dig them up and save them from destruction! There is a Wildflower Forum where you can upload and share your own wonderful photos, and chat with others!

     Chris has photographed rare species of Trillium, Cypripedium, and others for over 30 years, and has many high-resolution photos to view in the member areas! There is a listing of numerous Wildflower Nurseries. Post your own classifieds free (relating to Wildflowers)! Monthly Newsletters on subjects such as special propagation methods, or PH soil content for particular species. Show off your special gardens in the Member Submitted Photos area! There is also a Wildflower Sightings page where you can view what is blooming and where, and upload your own photos as well. Since this is a brand-new club, you will get all of this for the low cost of just $4.95!

Above: The extremely rare Trillium Grandiflorum with the green stripe! Chris has photographed over 20 of these beauties!

Don't miss out on this eventful Wildflower Club! Join Today! Get instant access!

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